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Hm, I was doodling on MS Paint and I got an idea to do this.

I should've added more detail to it tbh.
Spring REF
Whoops I made a new ref for my main

i lovey she's precious
oh yeah sorry for not posting much on da, i haven't had the time to make art that much and when i have time, i have an art block

so have this edgy piece of garbage that i did while suffering from art block and the fact that i'll get my tablet pen on sunday

also i wasnt sure which category to put this in so i just picked something : /
woooo ref sheet
Sooo, a few weeks ago my friend ASmolArtist told me that she made a new species. I wanted to make a REF sheet of it, so here it is :^O

Kumori's are a semi-closed species. You can make your own, but please, don't make epics or legendaries. You can obtain epics or legendaries, by buying a custom, or an adopt from me or ASmolArtist.

-Please don't make an pic or legendary Kumori. They're only allowed to obtain trough customs or adopts from me or ASmolArtist.
-You can sell/trade Kumori's at your own will for points, money, etc. But there is a minimal amount on how much you can sell them for points. Commons for at least 20 points, uncommons 30 points, and rares 40 points.
-Please don't sell your epics or legendaries, without letting ASmolArtist or me knowing about it!
-Don't steal other people's Kumori's! It's not good >:^ooo

Kumori's are feline-like creatures with wings. They have a fluffy fur coat, and wings. They live on a floating island, and they eat mostly fruits and plants, but sometimes meat, when it's available. They have really sensitive ears, so loud noises are bad for them. They rarely fight, mostly when males are trying to impress females. Kumori's are larger than humans, commons (The smallest ones) being around the height of 160-180 meters, and legendaries around 2-3 meters.

There are five rarities of Kumori's. Commons, uncommons, rares, epics, and legendaries.
Commons have small horns, small wings, and a short or long tail. They cannot have patterns.
Uncommons have small horns too, small wings, and a short or long tail. They can have patterns, but it's rare. Different coloured eyes are really rare, too.
Rares have medium wings, two pairs of horns, and a short or long tail. They have fur on their tail, too. Patterns are uncommon, and different coloured eyes are rare.
Epics, have two pairs of long horns, large wings, and usually a long tail, with fur on it. Patterns and different coloured eyes are common.
Legendaries, have usually two pairs of long horns, but rarely three pairs. They can have two pairs of wings, and patterns are really common. Different coloured eyes are common too.
Epics and legendaries are like, the rulers of the island. There's not thousands of them. Also, if a Kumori has patterns, the paterns will glow, depending on the time they're born, day or night. Their colours depend on the day or night thing as well. If they're born at day, they usually have bright colours, ex. pink, green, yellow, red, orange etc. If they're born at night, they have darker colours. They can have such colours as green as well, but darker shade.

Kumori's breeding time is at winter. They don't give birth, they lay usually 1-2 eggs at a time. The eggs are large, about the size of a regular housecat. At breeding time, males show usually their fighting skills at females, to impress them. Oh, and males are a bit larger than females :^O but yehhhh, I don't think I need to tell you how they breed,,,,,,,,, with magic :^o

I dunno if I need to add something anymore, but most of the credit goes to ASmolArtist! She was the one who came up with this species!
burn baby burn
wee it's schorched girl :^OO

hmhmmhmhm i'm honestly proud on how the fire came out like heck

But ye e e scorched girl doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the creators of lobotomy corporation

heck i draw too much fanart of lobcorp characters i really need to stop


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